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Winter Work and Customization

“For some there’s therapy,
for the rest of us, there’s motorcycles.”


You can’t ride now, so give your ride some love with one of Blackbridge’s Winter Customization Packages. Come in for a free 1-on-1 consult with one of our P&A Experts, so you don’t miss a minute of therapy when riding season hits.

And because it’s Blackbridge, your no-surprise quote will include EVERYTHING necessary to smooth out your ride, from parts to install.



Handlebar Package

Change the style and fit – Raise, lower, curve or change your bars completely.
Our P&A Experts can help you get the right look for your personal style and the right fit for your body.
Starting at $796 + HST. -- including labour.


Tour Pak

Spend more time in your happy place. If you are serious about racking up kms, you NEED storage.
Our P&A Experts can help you decide on the parts you need to get the comfort you want.
Starting at $1,720 + HST. -- including labour.


Stage 1 Package

Get more power and make some noise! Create a more free-flowing intake and exhaust, which in turn boosts the horsepower and torque.
Meet with our P&A Experts to get the parts you need to get the performance you want.
Packages starting at $1,430 + HST. -- including labour.

Customization Package

There are as many ways to customize a bike as there are riders.
Our experts can help you perfect yours for the 2020 season.
Set-up your time to brainstorm, walk through options and iron out the details.


There’s no better time to get your bike in perfect shape for spring!
Book your free P&A consult today.