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Great team! Always make me feel welcome. Exceedes expectations from a Harley Davidson Dealership.

Michael Bishop

3 weeks ago

It was fantastic. Best time ever. Got to see so many new bikes & friends. I'll definitely be back. Love sitting on the 2020 Street Glide.

Donna Wheeler

a month ago

It was good. They are rite to help you but I felt a little to much . I wanted to just snoop around a bit on my own n the sales person was with me all the time. I just felt like a little more space was needed. I think I would of bought more but really didn't like the sales person pointing out this n that I really wanted to look first than go back n buy what I had seen on my own. I would of ask for help if I needed it

Nancy Stanley

2 months ago

I just got off the phone with Frances in parts as she not only helped me order a replacement speaker for my bag lid, she was a darling to deal with and was able to save me a couple dollars by sharing a “save the tax” special they were running! I have to say that all the folks there have been awesome to work with and I also have to give a shout out to Dee and Tatiana who help my girlfriend Heather spend lots of money to look fantastic in all the latest women’s apparel. Love these guys and highly recommend them. If you’re gonna spend money it might as well be with folks who make you smile!!

Rob Pallante

4 months ago

I must says that the team at Blackbridge are true Harley Davidson riders. I can’t tell you with my experience here it was a 180 from my local dealer in Oshawa. These guys care more about your experience then the money. They took a very negative situation for me and turned it in to my best experience buying a bike. The techs are honest and understand the aftermath world of parts. Which is a far cry from the Oshawa dealer. Andrew, Jonathan and Spencer’s were great. Straight forward and not pushing the never never plan or bolting on every available Harley add-on. With the team being younger I noticed more of a new age outlook and understanding of the financial times. Everyone I have spoken with about that gta Harley dealers all say the same thing. Sell sell sell. These team cares more about the experience then the money and it was extremely refreshing. And I will gladly make the 150km dive one way. to spend my money. These guys sell a lifestyle not motorcycles and all Harley rides understand that. Thanks guys I love the Street Glide special and you have a customer for life.

Chris Massey

5 months ago

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